The Graeme Clark Oration - Australia's most prestigious free public science event

The Graeme Clark Oration celebrates advances in health and medical research that impacts people around the world. It showcases world leaders in health and medical research and initiates a community-wide discussion around exciting developments in convergence science - where the life, physical and engineering sciences come together.

Women in STEMM Lunch

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GCO Biomedical Showcase

As a continuation of our initiative of the Graeme Clark Oration, we are pleased to announce that visitors to the event will have the opportunity to visit the Biomedical Innovation Showcase.

The Showcase is an exhibition from many of the Oration sponsors highlighting leading biomedical research and innovation taking place in Melbourne. The Showcase will be open from 4.00pm – 6.00pm, is free of charge and no registration is required. Main Foyer.

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Youth Ambassador Program

The Convergence Science Network is celebrating its 10 years of presenting the Graeme Clark Oration by establishing the Graeme Clark Oration Youth Ambassador Program.  Each year, two senior Victorian secondary science students will be appointed as ambassadors in recognition of their academic excellence and demonstrated leadership skills.  They will attend the Oration and Oration Dinner accompanied by their family, spend private time with the orator, be given the opportunity to spend some time during the summer vacation in a research laboratory and receive $500 in support of their education.


Our Partners

Our Philosophy

We engage with the community to share the rapidly moving developments in health and medical science and technology innovation.  In a period when health and medical research is delivering new knowledge and hope for the diagnosis, treatment and cure for many diseases, it is even more important for scientists to engage with the community so that public trust in science and scientists remains strong.

The Graeme Clark Oration performs an important and valuable role in bringing world leaders in health and medical research to Australia to share developments and inspire school students and the population more widely about the new possibilities offered by this research.

Presented by:

Convergence Science Network


The Convergence Science Network is Australia’s first and only network that engages the public with developments and advances in the biomedical sciences.  Since our establishment in 2008, we have held over 90 events and attracted an audience of over 30,000 attendees. We established the Graeme Clark Oration in 2008 as our annual showcase event. We are for public good and not-for-profit. We are supported by local universities, research institutes, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Our events provide an opportunity for the public to be inspired by the rapid advances in the biomedical sciences by inviting leading scientists and thought leaders to share their ideas and work. If you want to learn more about the range of events we offer and you want to join our network by subscribing at no cost, please visit the Convergence Science Network website here.




The Graeme Clark Institute for Biomedical Engineering


Established in 2017, the Graeme Clark Institute  promotes and coordinates the extensive bioengineering activities that exist across The University of Melbourne, drawing on emerging scientific and engineering approaches to drive transformative clinical solutions. The Institute’s vision is to shape the future of healthcare with biomedical engineering solutions that deliver health, societal and economic benefits to Australia and the world.  The Institute will enhance engagement between research and industry that will accelerate the translation of research into the clinic and the community. To learn more about the Graeme Clark Institute, please click here.

The Graeme Clark Oration

The Graeme Clark Oration is delivered by global leaders in health and medical science in honour of Prof. Graeme Clark’s pioneering work in developing the bionic ear in Melbourne in the 1970’s.  It is recognised as Australia’s most prestigious free public science event and is attended by secondary school students.